SoCal Gas Pipeline Safety Enhancement Project (PSEP)

Southern California

PSEP (Pipeline Safety Enhancement Project).

The PSEP Projects consisted of three bundles: Brea, Beaumont, and Olympic consisting of nine total jobsite. Johnson-Peltier completed the following:

  • Install new underground electrical conduits and wiring.
  • Install new instrumentation tubing and valves.
  • Installation of owner furnished equipment: SCADAs, SCADA shelter, LinebreakPanels, and battery enclosures.
  • Work multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Prefabricate housekeeping pads, support stands and instrumentation.
  • Coordinated activities with mechanical contractor to insure maximum productivity at each site and minimize trade stacking.
  • Work with SCG on delivery of equipment to ensure delivery schedules are accurately incorporated into construction schedules.
  • Develop and procure a comprehensive bill of material required for each site prior to mobilization, and stage that material in Johnson-Peltier’s warehouse to be available when needed.
  • Document and verify all aspects of the electrical installation to minimize check out and commissioning activities.